Welcome to the Piano Studio of Phyllis Plotkin in Oakland, California, providing private piano lessons by a patient, supportive, creative teacher with over 35 years of experience, in a quiet, focused, comfortable atmosphere. Whether you are a beginning student, re-entry adult, or aspiring pre-professional, piano lessons offer numerous benefits. Go Here to get started.

Lesson Oakland Piano Lessons - Children

Oakland Piano Lessons - Teens
  • Promote independence, self-regulation, and maturity
  • Develop independent critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills
  • Provide a safe outlet for self-expression and self-awareness
Oakland Piano Lessons - Adults
  • Hone mental acuity and bolster brain functioning
  • Slow the aging process
  • Provide a creative outlet
  • Reduce stress
  • Provide quality "me time"
The Phyllis Plotkin Piano Studio is conveniently located in a quiet, safe, tree-lined street in the Rockridge district of Oakland, California, with easy access from I 580 and Hwy 24.

Private piano lessons in this Oakland studio feature a high-quality grand piano with beautiful full sound and responsive touch.

Get started today!
For more information about piano lessons and current schedule openings, contact Phyllis by phone at 510-655-4939 or email:  phyllisplotkin@att.net 


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